Hello Databento.  Below is an interactive version of my resume, and 1 minute video overview of what I do. I think we could be a good fit. I had previously been a UX architect at E*TRADE, building a new platform for Registered Investment Advisors from the ground, and have been around multiple projects related to market data. At E*TRADE/Morgan Stanley and at Silicon Valley Bank I have built and designed platforms from scratch as a UX architect.  
My background in digital marketing helps me understand that every click and every second equates to dollars. My goal in design is to take the user from point A to point B in the simplest and most elegant solution available - but ultimately one that drives to the bottom line and supports the business and product needs. My varied background also allows me to present and tell stories internally throughout the enterprise, or even market them externally to tie all aspects - product, marketing, sales, and communications, in one neat bow. This is what separates me from a designer perspective. 
I love communicating through UX and prototypes - whether it be through applications and platforms, websites, or even executive reporting and presentations. Click on Work History, Skills, and Recent Work to see my work experience, proficiencies, and some photos of what I have been up to recently. Scroll up and down within the phone. 

Below that, find more of my portfolio in the form of video presentations to Senior Executive Management and Board of Directors.
Additional UX creations I have created with video presentations to I have created to Senior Executive Management and Board of Directors

Presentation to CEO, CFO, COO or E*TRADE, as well as senior leaders at Morgan Stanley about potential referral network synergies through enhanced UI

Trailer for potential custom built RIA platform

Proposal presentation for multiple options for refresh or redesign of outdated Registered Investment Advisor Platform

Trailer for custom built Financial Planning and Forecasting Tool

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