How to Not Be A Fighting Couple At Ikea

Don't Be That Couple.

I love Ikea. I think it's the best store ever created. The products, the organization, the layout, the food, and the people watching. One of my favorite things to watch is couples fight and argue about stupid things. Here are some tips to not be that couple:

1. Go in With a Gameplan

Do not go to Ikea without having a clear goal and gameplan for what you want to buy and what you need. Go online and scout the items beforehand. 

2. Measure Everything Beforehand

Going to Ikea without measuring everything you could possibly want for each room is another recipe for disaster. Also, don't forget to measure boxes that have to fit in your car so you are not using string to tie down things from the roof of your car like an idiot. This is why #1 is so important.

3. Do Not Go In With An Empty Stomache

Don't get hangry with eachother. Go in the backway and get cheap hotdogs, pizza, and cinnamon rolls. Ikea is always better when you have a full belly.