Dumb Things People Say To You When They Find Out You Are Adopting A Child.

People say stupid things. These are just a few of the dumb things people have said to my wife and I about adopting a child. 

"What if it is a drug baby?"

"What if they give you the wrong baby?

"Why don't you just go over there and grab any baby?"

"I hear they switch the babies all the time."

"South Korea or North Korea? Which one is the good one again?"

"Why don't you adopt from the middle of Africa if you want a kid so bad?"

"Why don't you adopt from Guatamala or Central America?"

"What if the birth mother did drugs? 

"You know they always lie on those reports?"

"I watched a special on CNN that explained everything."

"Oh, its gonna take forever with Kim Jong Un over there. Good luck."

Just laugh, I guess.